GUNTRESS, UAB, registration no. 305216670, office address – Galvydžio str. 11, Vilnius, Lithuania (the “Data Controller”) sets forth this Privacy Policy to govern the processing of personal data through the website (the “Website”). The terms set out in our Privacy Policy apply every time you visit the Website, no matter what device you use (computer, mobile phone, tablet, TV, etc.).


When you visit the Website, the Data Controller uses the Google Analytics cookie to help identify you as a previous visitor to the Website, to keep a record of your visit to the Website, to see the duration and frequency of your visit, and to collect statistical information about this Website visitors. The Controller does this in order to tailor the content of the site to the visitor’s interests and to make personal suggestions.


When you make a purchase at, the Data Controller shall process the personal data provided by the Customer for the purposes of e-commerce (customer order processing and after-sales service). The Customer’s personal data shall be used to identify the Customer, carry out sales and delivery of goods, issue accounting documents, refund overpayments and / or money received for the goods returned by the Customer, fulfill other obligations arising from the purchase agreement and ensure the Customer’s access to the online shop services.


The Controller receives and manages Customer’s personal data for e-commerce purposes: name, surname, telephone number, address, email address, IP address, as well as purchase-related information (date of purchase, goods, price, weight, order progress note, discount granted). This personal data is stored and processed for 3 years. Upon expiry of the said time limits, personal data shall be destroyed by an authorized employee of the Company.


The Data Controller receives the said personal data directly from the Customer (after he/she has registered in the client account of the Website page and (or) after initiating the purchase contract). The Data Controller does not process personal data obtained by other means.


The Customer confirms that he / she has had access to the personal data processing conditions and has the following rights:
1. The Customer has provided the Data Controller with an identity document or a procedure established by law or by electronic means of communication that allows proper identification of the person confirming his / her identity, has the right to access his or her data and to check how they are processed, i.e. to obtain information from which sources and what personal data is collected, for what purpose they are processed, to whom they may be provided; to suspend the processing of personal data when processing does not comply with the law on legal protection of personal data of the Republic of Lithuania or other provisions of law.
2. Other rights provided by the Law on Legal Protection of Personal Data and other regulatory acts.
3. By purchasing and registering in the online shop, the Customer agrees that the Data Controller will process his / her personal data mentioned above.
4. The Customer shall have the right to express, in writing or personally, the requirements to rectify, destroy personal data or suspend the processing of personal data.


The Data Controller guarantees the rights of data subjects in accordance with the Law on Legal Protection of Personal Data and other legal acts regulating the processing of personal data.

The Data Controller undertakes to ensure the security of the Customer’s personal data, to implement appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect personal data from unauthorized destruction and / or accidental modification, disclosure and any other unlawful processing. All employees of the Data Controller and its representatives undertake to protect the personal data of the Customer.


Personal Data may be provided by the Data Controller only to the data subject, parcel delivery companies, as well as to other recipients of the data where the Data Controller is obliged by law, court order or other legislation to provide personal data.