About us

We are in love! We are in love with the METAL, because it is one of the most transformable material in the world, which changes when human hands work with it. Metal is also one of the hardest materials in the world, but we can negotiate almost everything with the metal. In the hands of professionals metal gains the forms and shapes of various products that make life of human beings easier: more reliable, more safe, gives beauty and estethics. We are for the metal, that becomes human being‘s friend. We are for friendly metal!

We give our clients the benefits that they seek for.

Those benefits that you get form us are the KEY:

  1. We will produce the products that have maximal functionality that you or your clients need. How? Because all our products start from your brief and form the work of our engineering department by the “projecting board”.
  2. We do understand that quality can be individualised, therefore final product will have the exact quality that you or your client need. How? Because we have modern production equipment which let us to fulfil the project exactly to requirements that you ask for and therefore at the exact price that you are willing to pay;
  3. We will supply all certificates – internal and international – for the final product. How? Because all projecting and production processes are monitored by contact on-line quality management system and we may guarantee that they serve as you expect them to.

To sum up: all our products are based on metal engineering solutions, modern production equipment and constant on-line quality management system.